Mordecai Trailer: Paul Bettany’s Jock Strapp

A first trailer for the film Mortdecai has been released in which Johnny Depp has a quirky moustache, Olivia Munn is sexy and Gwyneth Paltrow is English.  Also Paul Bettany is a manservant named Jock Strapp.  The movie is an adaptation of a series of 1970’s comic thriller novels by Kyril Bonfiglioli.

Directed by David Koepp (Ghost Town, Premium Rush) set for a February 2015 release.

Review: Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

As a sequel not only to Iron Man and Iron Man 2 but also to The Avengers, Iron Man 3 has a lot to live up to. The Avengers changed everything, not only for the characters involved but for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well; how do you sell these characters as solo acts again?

Luckily Marvel has employed some very smart people because as it turns out Iron Man 3 follows up nicely on a everything that preceded it, is one of the strongest stand alone films produced by Marvel to date and is probably the prefect anchor for the second phase of Marvel films.

Unfortunately in reviewing this there are going to be what could be considered some very mild spoilers involved. I promise that I won’t reveal anything big and keep the rest to a minimum, but if you want to go in blind (which I recommend you do) then just know that this is a movie I absolutely recommend seeing and stop reading right now. If you want to know what I think in detail, hit the jump.

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New Iron Man 3 TV Spot Confirms Pepper Wearing a Suit


Yeah, you read that right. There’s a new Iron Man TV Spot and Pepper is wearing the suit in it. Watch:

This is the first of the Iron Man 3 trailers to piss me off. This is pepper wearing the new armour (doesn’t look like her own) which means at some point she’s going to uit up and it’s probably going to be a surprise to her and _it should be a surprise to us too._ I’m sure there is more going on than just her wearing the suit and there’s a lot to be said for wondering _”what’s she going to do in the suit??”_ but for myself I’d rather have been completely surprised by it.

Well, maybe not completely surprised since Pepper gets her own suit in the comics, but I’d rather have not known it was coming anyway.

Trailer: Iron Man 3 Theatrical Trailer

Iron Man 3

So this dropped this morning at 9am. I’m a little behind, but thats because I’ve been watching it. Without further ado:

As you’re probably aware we’re pretty excited here at Awesome Friday HQ for Iron Man 3. The story they are adapting, Extremis, is one of the best of recent years plus the infusion of Shane Black’s style and humour could potentially make this the best of the Iron Man series, maybe even the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

I just realized that I may have slightly betrayed how high my hopes actually are. Either way, you know my butt will be in a seat come May 3rd.

Trailers: Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Extended Spot

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark is back folks. Here’s a look at the spot that aired during the Super Bowl followed by the extended (read: better) version posted to the Iron Man Facebook page today.

**_Update: here’s a better embed of the second one:_**

Almost undoubtedly this will be Disney’s biggest film of the year and it looks like they’ve thrown all the monies at it to make sure. This doesn’t show us much new except a slightly better look at the new suit in action. If the rumours are true it’ll be interesting to see whether the folks falling out of Air Force One are actually in harms way or not. No, I wont say more than that. As Google, he knows what I am talking about.

Also, Robert Downey’s “Extended Look” made me laugh out loud. But then again, that’s the type of humour I go in for.