‘Mordecai’ Trailer + Poster: Johnny Depp Plays Against Type As A Weirdo. Oh, wait.

Johnny Depp / Mordecai

Are we tired of this guy yet? Can we say that?

I don’t think this movie looks bad. I think it looks like it might be funny. I think that Johnny Depp doesn’t really look like the funny part of this movie though. It doesn’t really matter though because I’m tired of Johnny Depp. It’s like he received all the praise for playing Captain Jack that first time and now doesn’t want or know how to do anything else.

Other people look funny in this though, and it’s full of people I like, and January is a slow month, so probably speaking I’ll still see this when it comes out on 23rd January.

Oh, and here’s a poster.


(source: [Yahoo](https://www.yahoo.com/movies/johnny-depp-is-quite-the-charming-rogue-in-102372547882.html))