On Star Wars, Then and Now

The Star Wars trilogy has never held that special place in my heart that it holds in so many others. That’s not say that it isn’t a staggering work of creative genius, just that there are two types of nerds in the world and I happen to be the kind whose heart is ruled by Trek rather than Wars.

They are staggering works of creative genius though, and I can remember renting VHS copies of all three movies from the local video store in my hometown, and watching them whenever they were broadcast on one of the five television channels we received when I was growing up. I remember taking a trip to the big city to watch the Special Editions in theatres when they were re-released in 1997.

I also remember being over the moon when the trailer for The Phantom Menace dropped. I couldn’t tell you what movie we saw it with, but I remember going to a movie just to see that trailer. Of course I also remember being pretty profoundly let down by the entire prequel trilogy, as were most people I knew (at least the ones who weren’t in denial).

The prequels soured a lot of people on George Lucas, including me. Lacklustre direction, effects over story, and seemingly endless tinkering with all the films for every release was enough to leave a bad taste in any fan’s mouth, and for a long time it seemed like Star Wars might never, you know, be good again.

Then Disney bought Lucasfilm and once again there was hope. Fast forward to the present, we are in a new age where Star Wars is good again and there is much rejoicing. I haven’t rejoiced as much as most though, so while Rogue One was in theatres I watched all 8 movies in timeline order in an attempt to figure out why that is. So here are my thoughts.

Needless to say there will be spoilers.

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Fifty Glorious Photos From The Making Of Return Of The Jedi

Jedi Behind scenes 1

I love Return Of The Jedi. It’s become a bit of a whipping boy for the original trilogy, with many criticsising the Ewoks as the first grand Lucas mistake of “playing to the kids” in what would become a franchise tradition. However, remember these are the cute furry bears who were about to char-broil Han and Luke alive – presumably to eat them, because spitroasted meat is awesome in any galaxy – and could take down an armoured Imperial Stormtrooper with just rocks and sticks. Adorable little barbarians.

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Watch This: Star Wars: Kitbashed Blends A New Hope With The Films Which Influenced It

Star wars

You’re probably aware that Star Wars was the product of George Lucas’ mind and all the swashbuckling space adventures, samurai movies, and general pulp he loved to watch as a kid. Well now you can see how those influences directly… well… influenced Star Wars with this awesome video.

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Episode Fourteen: Marvel Movie Madness, The Artist, The Help, Easy A, Attack The Block, And the Death of Star Wars

It’s movies movies movies in this our fourteenth week of the show. We cover the shiny new trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man and the Avengers, the films The Artist, The Help, Easy A and Attack The Block, briefly touch on Soul Calibur V and Mike Mignola’s newest work The Amazing Screw On Head, and then a fairly in depth discussion of the final nails in the the coffin of our dearly departed Star Wars. So get comfy folks and enjoy the show!

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Episode One: Arkham City Tourism, Drake’s 3rd Misfortune, Rendered Animal Fat and Ryan Gosling’s Classic Roles

The first episode of Awesome Friday out!  

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This week we ramble on about all kinds of things including but not limited to:

Battlefield 3
Batman: Arkham City
Uncharted 3
George Lucas
Gears of War 3
Movies We Don’t Want To See
The Last Airbender
The Thing
Practical vs. Digital Effects
Ryan Gosling
11/22/63 by Stephen King
Lamb by Christopher Moore

13:16 – Kevin Conroy
40:54 – Joel Edgerton
47:48 – Actually James Sallis
52:55 – Kid Backflips Over a Dodgeball

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