Review: A Quiet Place

There’s a section in the second act of A Quiet Place where everyone I could see in the cinema had their hands clamped over their mouth. It’s a strange thing to be in a room full of people sat in total silence, straining to watch a movie that is desperate in its own absolute quiet. This is A Quiet Place, John Krasinski’s directorial debut, at its very best – tension gnawing through the screen, audience in the palm of its hand, waiting for the inevitable snap.

And snap it does.

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Edge Of Tomorrow Is The Best Sci-Fi In Years And You Can Own It Today

EoT Mix

I’m not one to blindly promote products just for the sake of information, so a Blu-Ray release doesn’t usually inspire me to comment. However, when that film is Edge Of Tomorrow, and there’s a chance you may have dismissed it at the cinema on account of the worst marketing campaign in recent memory, then I have to try and change your mind. For it’s not just Tom Cruise’s best film in years, it’s also one of the finest slices of sci-fi escapism you’ll ever watch.

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Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

This is one of those times that Hollywood confuses me. Here they’ve gone and made a fun, exciting, engaging, and intelligent sci-fi action movie and what little marketing its had has made it seem like something it’s really not: generic.

Yeah, you’re reading this right folks. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty great and you should totally see it.

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Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: Groundhog Day in a Future War Starring Tom Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow may be a fitting title for a guy who is basically living out a nightmare version of Groundhog Day, waking up after dying in combat only to be forced to relive that combat over and over again. I, hover, preferred the original title All You Need is Kill.

Either way there is a trailer now so let’s take a look.

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Episodes Thirty Five and Thirty Six

So you may have noticed things are a little quiet around here lately. I don’t have a good reason for that, but we have been releasing episodes they just haven’t been making it to the site. So in case you’re one of the few who check here, here are episodes thirty five and thirty six!

Yes, you’re right, there was no episode thirty four. Listen and you’ll hear why.

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Episode Thirty Five: Borderlands 2, Super Hexigon, Dredd and Expendables 2

Episode Thirty Six:

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