Focus On Design: Medal Of Honor (2010)


*Focus On Design is a spotlight on the mechanics and structure of a chosen game and as such is filled with spoilers.*

There’s always been a problem when writing reviews: by their very nature, they’re unable to be objective. Every single human being on the planet perceives things differently, yet some choose to write this perception as if it were fact. This then bleeds outwards into review culture: scan for bulletpoints, scroll to the score, and allow our own personal opinion to be instantly coloured by that of another. Reviewers balance expectation against result, gorging on the game to complete it within the review window, and often a marketing agenda will shape these initial expectations in order to compete with a rival publisher’s title. This can create a tidal wave of negativity for any game that falls into such a trap.

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Review: Need for Speed

Need for Speed

When Need For Speed opens next month you may read that one of the selling points is that all of the stunts are practical and not CG. That–to me– seems strange considering it’s an adaptation of the EA driving game series. One would think that fans of the game would have no problem at all with wildly improbable physics and unlikely crash scenarios that might have been less expensive to render in computers than with real cars and stunt drivers but lets give the makers credit: When it comes to cars and driving they deliver.

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Great Moments Of The Generation: Leaps Of Faith In Mirror’s Edge


I had to go full circle with *Mirror’s Edge*. It took two returns and three purchases to finally become friends with DICE’s¬†parkour adventure. First, there was love at the sight of the first trailer; blue skies and scrubbed white buildings as a playground for first-person running. Next, obsession with the demo, learning the quirks and characteristics to try and get the best time. But, then came the full game.

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Incoming: E3 2013 – Press Schedules, Live Blogging and Special Podcast


Every year, the gaming industry gathers in Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainmeant Expo for the first taster of the latest handware, software and game exclusives that will be vying for your attention over the next twelve months. It’s always a massive, industry-only event, even when the press events themselves turn out to be disappointments. There will be none of that this year, though – with the twin giants of Microsoft and Sony ready to pull back the curtain on their respective next-gen consoles, it’s going to be stacked with big names and attractive soundbyes.

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Xbox One: Microsoft’s Next Generation Revealed

It’s here. After months of speculation and fevered guesswork, Microsoft today unveiled its latest machine poised to take on Sony’s incoming Playstation 4. At a special event in Seattle, journalists from all over the world were packed into a tent to to be shown…well, it’s a cable box that also plays games.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Xbox One.


It’s a giant black box, that’s for sure. The smaller section is actually the new Kinect, and it forms an integral part of the new system. In fact, it’s mandatory, and every part of the One is accessible via custom gestures. Full details after the jump.

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