Review: About Time

About Time

Richard Curtis has an interesting filmography. Of the films he’s directed, most of them are fairly lighthearted fluff which is, depending on your disposition, sweet or saccharine. Films like _Bridget Jones Diary_ and _Love Actually_. He’s written far more, including the likes of _War Horse_ for Steven Spielberg, but it’s the sweet stuff he’ll likely be remembered for.

His latest effort, _About Time_ appears to be much of the same but with a dash of time travel thrown in for good measure. Is it good? Well, I dunno about that. Is it bad? Well, I dunno about that either.

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Trailer: About Time

About Time

Time travel is cool, right? Well there’s a new British rom com on the way all about it. Domhall Gleeson stars as a young man who at the age of 21 is told by his father that the men in his family can travel in time. Naturally he uses this power to meet a girl and try to make things perfect.

Let’s watch!

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