Let’s Take a Closer Look a the ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ trailer (with 80ish HD Captures!)

Jackson-Cohen taking polaroids and Ainsworth with a drawn on moustache. Is this taking place at halloween or is the kid just creepy? My bet is both.

Another thing that gets to me? Creepy masks. That’s a creepy mask.

Two hands barely touching. Is this the widower Wingrave coming onto the nanny? or maybe it’s a flashback?

Here’s another look at our glowing eyed friend. Let me just say again, I kind of love this design so far.

Jackson-Cohen appears to be taking a selfie, and I can’t quite tell for sure but it looks to me like he’s holding someone.

Kids at a dutch angle in the basement. Looking down on a victim? Discovering a ghost? Time will tell!

I can’t quite tell who that is with Kohli, but it might be Amelia Eve.

So is this a creepy mom, a creepy prior nanny, or a creepy ghost? Once again only time will tell.

Something is starting to get to T’Nia Miller.

A few rapid flashes of things going on. A body being dragged. Pedretti tied up. A Childs drawing, and Tahirah Sharif on the ground. Not enough to go on with any of these, really.

This is an effective image. No idea who it is in the foreground yet, but it’s clearly not just a ghost-twin of Miles.

This is my second favourite shot in the whole trailer. I can’t place my finger on why but I love the image of the surface of the water, upside down and on the ceiling, waiting to fall and drown the person in the bed. I believe that’s Sharif in the bed but I am not 100% sure.

The music is playing over this scene, but if you observe carefully, you can see the Pedretti is yelling “let me out!” in this shot. I wonder who trapped her in this closet?

And the final scene in the trailer, in which an unseen someone puts their hands on Pedreti’s waist. She sure is selling the shit out of it, too. I wonder how far along in the series this comes because she looks suitably freaked out but maybe also resigned to the idea that no one will believe her.

I am, as the kids say these days, hyped for this. Once again, Mike Flanagan has landed firmly on my list of favourite directors, so I can’t wait to see what he does with The Haunting of Bly Manor. All nine episodes will be available on Netflix on October 9th.

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