Trailer: ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Looks Bonkers

The Last Witch Hunter

I love Vin Diesel. Seriously.

October 23rd is coming. That’s when we’ll get to see if this movie is so bad it’s good, or just so bad. I honestly kinda hope it’s legitimately good but I doubt it will be. Vin Diesel has a weird power to make bad films entertaining though so I still want to see it. This power of his seems to come from his love of Dungeons and Dragons (You remember _The Chronicles of Riddick_ being full of ridiculous mythology? That’s why,) or just because he gives as much as he can to every roll he takes or if he’s secretly just a fantastic actor or if he’s just usually surrounded by great character actors. It’s probably at least one of those things.

Also, just want to shout out to Michael Caine, the hardest working man in movies. Love that guy.