A Closer Look At The Second Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser


Let’s take a closer look at the shiny new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This will be mostly conjecture and guess work on my part but I think it’ll be fun!

First off, if you haven’t actually seen the trailer, come out from whatever rock you were hiding under and watch it.

And let’s start with the image from the header:


This might be the best looking shot of any Star Wars movie to date. The ruined X-Wing with the Star Destroyer in the background. This does a pretty good job of putting the length of time in between Return of the Jedi and this film in perspective if you ask me. It’s been a long time since the emperor was killed, but the Empire didn’t just go away. These must be the ruins of a subsequent battle, right? Either way, it’s a glorious shot and I love the way it pans into view.


Melted Darth Vader Helmet! AAAAAH! So good. I wonder if the Sith in this story has it, or if Luke kept it as a memento?

Also, the voice over here sounds to me like re-worked dialogue from Jedi rather than something recorded new. I can’t be sure but I can’t think why he’d use present tense in this story (unless there is a flashback of some kind).


So that’s clearly R2D2 in front of some kind of fire, but who is that with him? Is it Luke? If it’s Luke, where’s the skin on his bionic hand? If it isn’t Luke, who the hell is it? Also, I love the white robes with the black cloak.


Someone handing someone else a light sabre. I’m inclined to think that the person receiving the lightsaber is Daisy Ridley’s Rey, but I honestly have no idea for sure. The hand does seem to be female. Interestingly, the other hand doesn’t appear to be human. Perhaps this is the market we saw in some of the earlier promo videos?


The low flying X-Wings are amazing. This is an exhilarating shot and I seriously can’t wait to see what kinda of battle (or race or training or whatever) this scene is leading to. It’s one area where I’m kinda glad they have CG to work with.


Oscar Isaac is having a great time in this X-Wing, isn’t he? (I would be too). He’s either brand new to the job or just really enjoys it and I really don’t care which it is. I also love how the gear appears to be kinda hand me down. Look at the helmet bouncing around on his head!


If you look closely, they’re running from a TIE Fighter doing a strafing run. I wonder what point of the story this is. If John Boyega is a deserter from the Storm Troopers maybe they’re after him? Or maybe they have the light sabre and the Empre wants it? Or maybe the empire is just fucking shit up because they can? I love the costumes here too, Daisy Ridley’s jedi-esque outfit and John Boyega’s Luke-ish look work for me.


First good look at the the Sith bad guy. And he looks badass. It’s Adam Driver under there from what I’ve heard, and I look forward to seeing him act through the costume. Hopefully he gets to take the mask off at some point. Hopefully. Also, the quillons on the light-claymore still look awesome.


Holy shit this storm troopers legion looks so much like a Nazi gathering it’s not even funny. Which it isn’t meant to be, but still. I love it. It evokes all kinds of fear and excitement.

Also, The Empire isn’t the Empire anymore. Apparently they’re called The First Order. Let’s be clear about one thing: I think that’s a fucking awesome name. It’s exactly the right level of terrifying. What I wonder is are they the remnants of the empire? As in did the empire fracture after the death of the emperor and they are one/the last fragment left? Or are they perhaps an elite group within what’s left?


Daisy Ridley looking concerned. No idea what about, but it’s the first really good look we’ve had at her.


Tie fighters! So good!


Destruction in an imperial hanger! I wonder if this is the event that makes John Boyega go awol from the troopers? The next shot would seem to imply that.


Look at him freaking out at whatever he’s seen. The start of this scene he’s wearing his helmet and there is a bloody handprint on it, presumably not his. He’s seen things man.


Look at that star Destroyer. I’m loving the updated ship designs here. Shiny and new and different bust still unmistakably Star Wars ships. The updated two wing shuttle is awesome too.


BB-8 peeking around the corner is my second favourite shot in this trailer. Here’s your reminder that BB-8 is a practical effect, not CGI, which is amazing. He’s adorable and you know what? I’m looking forward to a Star Wars film that doesn’t star R2-D2.


John Boyega on the ground, about to take Daisy Ridley’s hand. This is presumably pretty close to the moment they meet, if not the moment. I’m assuming most of the shots in this are from the first third (or maybe half) of the movie so that would make the most sense.


And Daisy again looking concerned about something. Maybe she’s about to rescue John Boyega in the scene before, before they run off together (as pictured above).


I wasn’t able to get many good screen caps of this, but the Millennium Falcon being chased into the engine ports of a wrecked Super Star Destroyer (I think) is awesome, and a nice call back to the falcon running inside the Death Star in Jedi. You gotta wonder who is in the pilots seat, is it Han? Or is it Oscar Isaac?


And who is this person? Some elite trooper decked out in Chrome! I wonder if it’s Gwendolyn Christie? Or maybe Adam Driver before he gets turned into the Sith bad guy we saw above? Probably the former.


And here’s the TIE Fighter pilot. Looks badass. Look at all the detail in the cockpit. I love that it looks like as much practical effects in play as possible.


OMG HAN AND CHEWIE. I may have had an emotional reaction when I first watched this. Looks like Harrison Ford did too. Look at that smile on his face! Haven’t seen that in quite some time, have we!


And the logo, which is perfect.

This trailer is pitch perfect. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it. It’s a perfect example of the tone of the film, the action can expect, the characters we need to be familiar with, but gives away exactly zero about what’s actually going on in the movie. Perfect.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I think JJ Abrams is a perfect choice for Star Wars. I’m not a huge fan of what he did with Star Trek, but that’s largely because they feel a lot more like Star Wars films than Star Trek films. It’s hard to not get my hopes up here because it look like this might be an amazing movie. Then again there have been lots of great trailers for movies that ended up being bad. Seriously though. t’s hard to not be completely excited after seeing this.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out this December and I, for one, cannot wait.