5 New ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Posters for The Bad Guys and Nova Corps **Updated w/ Yondu + The Collector

Guardians of the Galaxy

A bevy of new character sheets for you to feast your eyes on. Is is 1st August yet?

Guardians of the Galaxy / Rohmann Dey

Rohmann Dey is a high ranking member of the Nova Corps (intergalactic police force, think Green Lantern but without the rings and a more standard flying and energy blasts power set). In the comics he’s actually the current Nova Prime, and he ties into another character called Nova, who is a human member of Nova Corps. Look for that movie in the future.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Nova Prime

Nova Prime is the leader of the Nova Corps and she’s played by Glenn Close. Don’t know much about what direction they’re gonna go but I hope she’s badass.

Of note: Dey and Nova Prime both look human but in the comics Xandarians are bipedal humanoids but don’t look human, so in the movies are Xandarians humanlike?

Guardians of the Galaxy / Korath

Korath the Pursuer. He’s a member of the Kree race and in the comics he’s the guy who developed or helped develop much of the cybernetic enhancements that the rest of the Kree use. During an interstellar war he used his inventions to power himself up. No idea if that’s his story here but if you look closely at the next posters there are some cybernetic things going on.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Nebula

Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos who is most likely the behind the scenes big bad in this movie, and the big bad in Avengers 3. Not much is known about her race even in the comics, but I wonder if they are going to change her to being Kree since the Kree are the big alien race that seems to be happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Ronan

Ronan the Accuser. The Accusers are actually a Kree police force of sorts. Their cybernetic enhancements and power suits allows them to wield “The Universal Weapon” which is what that hammer looking thing is in his hands. He’s a pretty major heavy in the Marvel universe on his own so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve worked Thanos into all this.

Guardians of the Galaxy is out 1st August and seriously can’t wait.

**Update:** Two more, Yondu and The Collector.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Michael Rooker / Yondu

Yondu played a slight different role in the comics but it appears that he’ll be the mercenary who takes Peter Quill / Star Lord off earth when he’s just a child. He’s probably going to be one of the many parties chasing the Guardians as well because Quill isn’t with them anymore and because of the macguffin, obv.

Guardians of the Galaxy / Benicio del Toro / The Collector

The Collector, aka “Space Liberace”, was first seen at the tail end of _Thor: The Dark World_. He has in his possession The Aether, the macguffin from that movie which was revealed to be one of the Infinity Stones which in th Marvel Universe can make someone omnipotent and omniscient when used together.

The orb you can see in many of these posters is also almost certainly an Infinity Stone (as is the Tesseract from _The Avengers_ and that’s why everyone is after it.