Uh-Oh – There Is Going To Be A New CrackDown On Xbox One


I can resist most things. My general cynicism has now got to a point that I can ignore most hype and not fall for the usual traps. However, sometimes something comes along that even I can’t filter out, and that usually ends up with me spending money.

So. Hey. MICROSOFT HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW CRACKDOWN. Ahem. Read on for the trailer!

LOOK AT THE SHINY (alright, I know, it’s prerendered CG, BUT STILL):

Gah. The first Crackdown, released way back in 2007, still remains one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The freedom, the design, the orbs, the narrator all created a wonderful experience that reveled in your player freedom. Further good news is that the designer of the original is back on board, so hopefully the awful Crackdown 2 can be quickly forgotten.

So, even if it’s just shiny Crackdown that might be enough for me. MUST. RESIST!