Uh-Oh – There Is Going To Be A New CrackDown On Xbox One


I can resist most things. My general cynicism has now got to a point that I can ignore most hype and not fall for the usual traps. However, sometimes something comes along that even I can’t filter out, and that usually ends up with me spending money.

So. Hey. MICROSOFT HAVE JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW *CRACKDOWN*. Ahem. Read on for the trailer!

LOOK AT THE SHINY (alright, I know, it’s prerendered CG, BUT STILL):

Gah. The first *Crackdown*, released way back in 2007, still remains one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had in my life. The freedom, the design, the orbs, the narrator all created a wonderful experience that reveled in your player freedom. Further good news is that the designer of the original is back on board, so hopefully the awful *Crackdown 2* can be quickly forgotten.

So, even if it’s just shiny *Crackdown* that might be enough for me. MUST. RESIST!