It Could Be Showtime For Spielberg’s Halo TV Series


Yeah, I went there.


> Xbox Entertainment Studios is deep in negotiations with Showtime to develop a live-action “Halo” drama series that is a high priority for the Microsoft production unit headed by Nancy Tellem.

> Xbox Studios has been developing a drama series spin on the vidgame franchise with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV banner for more than a year. It’s understood that the company is close to a deal with a pair of showrunners to steer the series adaptation of the expansive bible developed by screenwriter Stuart Beattie, but the deal is not envisioned as a straight-to-series pickup.

This can only be a good thing, right? There are millions of Halo fans and there are millions of people with XBOXes, but there are hundreds of millions of people who want to watch good TV so getting the series on as many screens as possible can only be a good thing.

Plus, if Showtime is kicking in some more cash to throw at this thing, well, effects aren’t the most important thing but in a series set in a universe like this they certainly aern’t unimportant either.

No word yet on when this show will actually happen but I’m looking forward to it. Hell, if it’s the same level of good that _Forward Unto Dawn_ was I’ll be happy.