Guardians of the Galaxy 15 Second Tease

Guardians of the Galaxy

The full trailer doesn’t come out until tonight, but here’s a 15 second tease for Guardians of the Galaxy. I usually hate teasers for teasers for trailers but since at this point _Awesome Friday_ may as well be called _Marvel Fanboy Weekly_ let’s take a look.

A few things of note: Everyone looks kinda great. Karen Gillan is unrecognizable under that makeup, I hope there’s more to her than that. Groot looks great. Notice no Rocket Racoon? I’d be willing to be that Rocket Racoon will be heavily featured in the marketing going forward.

This looks good and I’m happy about that. What we’d already seen from this world looked pretty cheap to me and this doesn’t, and I’m happy about that. I’ll post up the full trailer when it drops later today, in the mean time August 1st can’t come soon enough. Well, it can come one day after April 4th.