Awesome: Lucas Black Getting Back Behind The Wheel in 7 Fast 7 Furious

Lucas Black

Lucas Black, star of 3 Fast 3 Furious: Tokyo Drift has just signed on for 7 Fast 7 Furious. Fuck yes.


> Lucas Black, who starred in Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, is returning to reprise his Sean Boswell role in Fast & Furious 7. Black, most recently seen as Pee Wee Reese in the Jackie Robinson film 42, has signed a deal that calls for his character to become a regular in the series and he will be part of at least the next three installments of Universal Pictures’ most lucrative film franchise. Fast & Furious 7 will be released next July 11.

First off, this is kind of great news because it again serves to reconnect the strange internal continuity of the Fast and Furious movies (remember, Tokyo Drift is the third movie but chronologically is immediately after Furious 6) and bringing in another hand to replace one that was lost for the revenge tale we’re likely going to get in the 7th movie. This very much appeals to me.

Also, he;s signed on for 3 movies? I had kind of assumed that they might actually stop with 7 because that’s already a hell of a franchise and also when are they just going to start repeating themselves? Then I remembered that this is Hollywood and they’ll milk the franchise to death. You know what though? I’m on board if they continue to be entertaining.