So…Ben Affleck is Batman

ben-affleck-as-batmanHot on the heels that Warner are following up Man Of Steel with Batman vs. Superman, and that they were taking their story cues from the excellent The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller, and that they were rumoured to be auditioning older actors to play a Dark Knight who would convey the deep hatred of Supes’ red, white and blue sensibilities, they announced today that they’ve decided to go with…Ben Affleck.


He of Daredevil and Gigli fame, who by all accounts is a very nice man, will be donning the cowl and gravelly voice to follow in Christian Bale’s booted footsteps.

I’m kind of hoping it’s a ridiculously convoluted hoax at this point. There’s no denying that Affleck can shine with the right material, but I think casting him as Batman is a terrible decision. At least we know that Warner aren’t going to try and replicate the deep relationships between the two that was the whole backbone of TDKR – this is going to be an effects-heavy cashgrab with some kind of last-minute voodoo magic ensuring that Batman isn’t flicked into the sun within the first 8 milliseconds of their fight.

Come on, Warner. Prove me wrong. Please.

I’d even take Clooney back at this point.



4 Replies to “So…Ben Affleck is Batman”

  1. Ok I seriously don’t have a problem with this. They want an older Batman and he’s 41 years old. He’s back in a place where he’s made nothing but good career choices lately (He was great in Argo and The Town and he was the best part of Hollywoodland).

    I think we tend to remember him based only on his Reindeer Games phase and not based on all the other good work he’s done. Plus, maybe they’ll let him direct Justice League.

  2. I am just a regular audience member when it comes to comic book movies, so I have no skin in the game. But. Batman is an edgy, brooding, mysterious guy. Ben Affleck is neither edgy, nor brooding, nor mysterious. He’s a laundry commercial. With his casting, any interest I might have had in seeing this movie is genuinely diminished.

    1. I don’t know about that. He did a good job in The Town as a brooding, edgy, troubled, conflicted good/bad guy.

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