Trailer: Monsters University

Monsters University

I was about to write that it’s not that often that Pixar revisits material, but then I remembered Toy Story 2 and 3, and now Monsters University.

A lot of people I know still count _Monsters Inc_ as their favourite Pixar film but I am not one of them (it comes in th middle of the pack for myself, with _Up!_ and _The Incredibles_ alternately at the top of the list). One of the things I really did like about it though was how self contained of a film it is. There’s really no room to make a sequel to it.

So they went ahead a prequel. I’d love to say I’m excited but to be honest I’m kind of worried. Prequels so rarely work out in my mind because I never feel like I need to know the back story, and often the back stories that are produced are nowhere near as cool as I’d imagined them to be.

Still, this is Pixar so it’s definitely worth giving them the benefit of the doubt. Are you excited for Monsters University?