89th Academy Awards Liveblog!

Posted by Matthew on February 26, 2017
Live Blog

Greetings all! Tonight is the night of the 89th Annual Academy Awards and for the sixth year we will be live blogging the night! We’ll be posting some updates to twitter but the bulk of it will be right here.

We’ll be updating the winners below, and here are Matt’s predictions.

The show starts in 40 minutes, we’ll see you then!

The Winners:

  • Best Picture: Moonlight La La Land
  • Best Director: Damien Chazelle for Moonlight.
  • Best Actor: Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea
  • Best Actress: Emma Stone in La La Land
  • Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali in Moonlight
  • Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis in Fences
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: Barry Jenkins & Tarell Alvin McRaney for Moonlight
  • Best Original Screenplay: Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea
  • Best Foreign Language Film: The Salesman (Iran)
  • Best Animated Feature: Zootopia
  • Best Animated Short: Piper
  • Best Documentary Feature: O.J.: Made In America
  • Best Documentary Short: The White Helmets
  • Best Live Action Short: Sing
  • Best Cinematography: La La Land
  • Best Film Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best Makeup & Hairstyling: Suicide Squad
  • Best Costume Design: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Best Production Design: La La Land
  • Best Original Song: City of Stars from La La Land
  • Best Original Score: Justin Hurwitz for La La Land
  • Best Sound Mixing: Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best Sound Editing: Arrival
  • Best Visual Effects: The Jungle Book
Matthew 26 February 201717:07

tap tap tap

Matthew 26 February 201717:07

Oh good, it’s on!

Simon 26 February 201717:31

HELLO. Oscars time again!

Matthew 26 February 201717:31

And we’re off, with Justin Timberlake singing his nominated song. What a lovely way to start.

Simon 26 February 201717:32

It’s worth mentioning at this point that Matt has a total mancrush on JT.

Simon 26 February 201717:33

And who can blame him.

Matthew 26 February 201717:34

Ok. All the Oscars can start this way now, right?

Matthew 26 February 201717:36

Oh yeah, Jimmy Kimmel!

Matthew 26 February 201717:37

“You look great Mel, I think the scientology is working.”

Simon 26 February 201717:39

I’m not really familiar with Jimmy Kimmel, but I kind of like how he’s gone out guns blazing.

Matthew 26 February 201717:39

“Black people saved NASA and white people saved Jazz. Progress!”

Simon 26 February 201717:41

Brie Larson looks incredible.

Matthew 26 February 201717:43

“Andrew Garfield lost 40 pounds for his role in silence, a feat not attempted since every woman in every role, ever.”

I like Jimmy Kimmel.

Matthew 26 February 201717:45

Best supporting actors time.

Matthew 26 February 201717:46

Alicia Vikander is here to give the award for best supporting actor. AKA Mahershala Ali.

Matthew 26 February 201717:46

Seriously, it’s his to lose, right?

Simon 26 February 201717:46

Alicia Vikander is an incredible actress and the new Lara Croft.

Matthew 26 February 201717:48

You know, this Lucas Hedges kid is going places. I don’t think he’ll win right now but he will one day.

Matthew 26 February 201717:49


Matthew 26 February 201717:49

Booyah. Mahershala Ali is the best supporting actor.

Matthew 26 February 201717:49

I’m 1 for 1. Moonlight is 1 for 1. Things are good.

Simon 26 February 201717:53

Moonlight is just one of the pictures I haven’t seen this year.

Simon 26 February 201717:53

Moonlight is just one of the pictures I haven’t seen this year.

Matthew 26 February 201717:57

Huh. Mahershala Ali is the 5th black actor to win Best Supporting actor in Oscars history. Facts! (via https://twitter.com/CinemaBite/status/836031913307549696)

Matthew 26 February 201717:57


Matthew 26 February 201717:58

Please let Suicide Squad not win.

Simon 26 February 201717:58

Dear God, don’t let Suicide Squad get an Oscar

Simon 26 February 201717:58


Matthew 26 February 201717:58


Simon 26 February 201717:59

Just shows, even shitty movies can get Oscars

Matthew 26 February 201718:01

ok. Costume Design goes to Fantastic Beasts.

Matthew 26 February 201718:01

And I’m 1 for 3.

Matthew 26 February 201718:03

I am in shock.

Matthew 26 February 201718:05

I didn’t see A Man Called One, but the makeup in Star Trek Beyond was better and more on point than in Suicide Squad.

Matthew 26 February 201718:05

Then again I suppose Margot Robbie is hot sooooo…… ¯_()_/¯

Matthew 26 February 201718:07

I really want the show to get to a song.

Matthew 26 February 201718:07

l feel like I need a song.

Matthew 26 February 201718:10

Nice touch having one of the actual hidden figures on stage.

Matthew 26 February 201718:15

well. a tv show just won.

Matthew 26 February 201718:17

OK, Lin-Manuel Miranda time,

Simon 26 February 201718:20

She is 16 years old. I’ve just turned 40. I feel old.

Matthew 26 February 201718:20

Auli’i Cravalho is kinda great. How Far I’ll Go could win best song.

Matthew 26 February 201718:21

On the one hand, Audition is a great song about actors that Hollywood will have loved, but How Far I’ll Go is a pitch perfect Disney song.

Matthew 26 February 201718:21

Plus, I want Lin-Manuel Miranda to complete his PEGOT.

Matthew 26 February 201718:26

Sofia Boutella and Chris Evans.

Matthew 26 February 201718:28

Arrival takes home the award for sound editing. Woo!

Matthew 26 February 201718:29

I had hoped Arrival would win for editing, but thought La La Land would. So I’m gonna claim that as 2 for 4.

Simon 26 February 201718:30


Matthew 26 February 201718:30

Ok, you know, maybe the sound mixing in Hacksaw Ridge is really good.

Matthew 26 February 201718:32

Awwww. Sound mixing winner thanking his mom is great.

Simon 26 February 201718:35

OK, finished eating now.

Matthew 26 February 201718:38

Governors Awards are just lovely, aren’t they. Woo Jackie Chan!

Matthew 26 February 201718:42

Best supporting actress time. Viola Davis, right?

Simon 26 February 201718:43

I’d quite like to see Lion.

Matthew 26 February 201718:44

If it can’t be Viola, can it please be Naomie Harris?

Matthew 26 February 201718:44

Yup, Viola Davis. Excellent.

Matthew 26 February 201718:49

I feel like this live blog isn’t as lively as usual, probably because we’ve been eating dinner most of this time.

Simon 26 February 201718:54

Also, the Oscars are interesting but a little less…crazy?

Matthew 26 February 201718:57

Shirley Maclaine is classy as fuck,

Matthew 26 February 201718:58

One of these years I am going to keep that resolution I always make to see more foreign films.

Matthew 26 February 201718:59

Wow, The Salesman!

Matthew 26 February 201719:00

Director Asghar Farhadi’s statement (he did not come to the oscars) was a good one.

Matthew 26 February 201719:02

Taking moments like these to protest things like Trump’s immigration ban is an important thing to do. I really hope that the message reaches the right ears.

Matthew 26 February 201719:07

This “random tourists are gong to walk through the oscars” gag is either going to be amazing, or fucking awful.

Matthew 26 February 201719:08

Here comes the animated short category.

Matthew 26 February 201719:08

Piper wins! Woo!

Matthew 26 February 201719:11

I think I am 4 for 9 right now.

Simon 26 February 201719:11

I’d love Kubo to win here. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen in years.

Matthew 26 February 201719:11

Zootopia is the best animated feature!

Simon 26 February 201719:12

Zootopia was OK, but Kubo was in a completely different league.

Matthew 26 February 201719:13

I had really hoped for Kubo, but I expected Zootopia. They both have great messages, but Zootopia is far more timely.

Matthew 26 February 201719:13

Also, 5 for 10.

Simon 26 February 201719:13

I love how these two fucking hate each other.

Simon 26 February 201719:14

Arrival, please.

Simon 26 February 201719:15

La La Land! First of many, I’m sure.

Matthew 26 February 201719:15

LA LA Land is a good movie Hail, Caesar! had the best production sign of the year.

Matthew 26 February 201719:15

5 for 11 if I am counting right.

Matthew 26 February 201719:20

Ok this bus full of people gag is going over pretty well for me.

Matthew 26 February 201719:22

Man, that could have been a nightmare.

Simon 26 February 201719:22

Fair enough, that was amazing.

Matthew 26 February 201719:26

I feel like maybe they don’t give a shit about run time this oscars. That gag was kind of great, but we’re only halfway through the awards and the show is at 2 hours already.

Simon 26 February 201719:30

God, I loved Rogue One so damn much.

Matthew 26 February 201719:30

Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed are beautiful people.

Matthew 26 February 201719:31

And they’re giving way the visual effects. Here’s hoping for Dr. Strange.

Simon 26 February 201719:31

Rogue One to win please!

Matthew 26 February 201719:31

The Jungle Book wins best visual effects.

Matthew 26 February 201719:32


Simon 26 February 201719:32


Matthew 26 February 201719:34

Seth Rogen and Michael J Fox rolling up in a Delorean is my jam.

Simon 26 February 201719:34

Back To The Future is one of the all-time great movies.

Matthew 26 February 201719:36

“I am at the oscars with Michael J Fox, a delores, and wearing future shoes. all I have to do is sing the Schuyler sisters song in from of the world and I will have completed my entire bucket list.” — Seth Rogen

Matthew 26 February 201719:37

And while that was happening, Hacksaw Ridge won another oscar. What the hell.

Simon 26 February 201719:37

I didn’t believe how important editing was until I started editing movies. It’s where the film is made.

Matthew 26 February 201719:38

My predictions are 5 for 13. I am having a bad night.

Matthew 26 February 201719:45

Hello short films.

Matthew 26 February 201719:45

Hey, The Whit Helmets, which I guessed would win.

Matthew 26 February 201719:47

The Cinematographer of The White Helmets was denied entry to the USA. WTF>

Matthew 26 February 201719:48

And live action short is Sing, which is fine because I didn’t even guess in that category.

Matthew 26 February 201719:48

So I am 6 for 14, with 1 abstention.

Simon 26 February 201719:49

The Oscars are weird this year.

Matthew 26 February 201719:51

Jimmy Kimmel has been mostly funny, buuuuuut bullshit casual racist crap is annoying. We have to do better.

Simon 26 February 201720:00

Javier Bardem almost headbutted Meryl Streep. Now that would have been a story.

Matthew 26 February 201720:01

We’re a minute or two behind so here’ comes Cinematography.

Simon 26 February 201720:01

La La Land for Cinematography. Well deserved.

Matthew 26 February 201720:02

La La Land wins Cinematography! I really thought that Arrival would take it.

Matthew 26 February 201720:03

Oh boy, mean tweets.

Matthew 26 February 201720:05

Ok, I laughed.

Matthew 26 February 201720:06

Now, La La Land music. Huzzah!

Matthew 26 February 201720:08

I don’t know how I feel about these renditions of the songs.

Simon 26 February 201720:10

I preferred the original renditions of the songs, but they’re still great. La La Land was really special.

Matthew 26 February 201720:12

Ok. Jimmy Kimmel is straight into awkward territory now.

Matthew 26 February 201720:12

Sorry, awkward but not funny.

Matthew 26 February 201720:14

Best original score time. Excellent.

Simon 26 February 201720:15

Hmm, I wonder who’ll win best score

Simon 26 February 201720:15

Of course it’s La La Land. Very good!

Matthew 26 February 201720:15

La La Land wins best score. This is my surprised face.

Simon 26 February 201720:16

Hey Elyse. You still with us?

Matthew 26 February 201720:16

7 for 16 in my predictions.

Simon 26 February 201720:17

Audition should win best song.

Simon 26 February 201720:18

Yay! City of Stars, good win!

Matthew 26 February 201720:18

Holy shit! City of Stars won.

Simon 26 February 201720:18

But Audition is better.

Matthew 26 February 201720:18

I mean, I knew La La Land would win the best song award, but i thought Audition would win.

Matthew 26 February 201720:20

I am disappointed that Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t get his Oscar. He’ll have more chances though.

Matthew 26 February 201720:25

That In Memoriam was shorter than i expected.

Matthew 26 February 201720:29

Ok, that “We Bought a Zoo” dig was pretty great.

Matthew 26 February 201720:30

The Jimmy Kimmel / Matt Damon rivalry thing is funny.

Simon 26 February 201720:30

The whole evening trolling Mat Damon is pretty great.

Matthew 26 February 201720:31

Ok screenplay awards. Let’s do this. How about you let The Lobster take this one.

Matthew 26 February 201720:31

These oscars have been weird, let’s let them really let their freak flag fly.

Matthew 26 February 201720:31

Nope! Manchester by the Sea.

Simon 26 February 201720:34

Amy Adams was phenomenal in Arrival and it’s a travesty she’s not nominated.

Matthew 26 February 201720:38

Moonlight takes home the best adapted screenplay award. I’m starting to think La La Land might not take home best picture.

Matthew 26 February 201720:40

Only actor and actress, director, and picture left.

Matthew 26 February 201720:41

Best Director time. Barry Jenkins.

Matthew 26 February 201720:43

Damien Chazelle wins best director. Hmmm.

Matthew 26 February 201720:43

I loved that movie. I still think Moonlight is the better one.

Simon 26 February 201720:43

Great! La La Land blew me away.

Matthew 26 February 201720:48

Best actor time.

Simon 26 February 201720:48

Brie Larson might actually be perfect.

Matthew 26 February 201720:48

All the performances are great. I’d really like to see Viggo take it, but it’s gonna be Casey.

Matthew 26 February 201720:49

I’d love for Canada’s Ryan Gosling to win.

Matthew 26 February 201720:51

Denzel certainly seems to have done the most acting this year.

Matthew 26 February 201720:51

And there it is. Casey Affleck.

Matthew 26 February 201720:52

Well. Casey Affleck is a known abuser of women, but at least they didn’t give the director award to the anti-semite.

Matthew 26 February 201720:54

Leo is here to tell us who the best actress is.

Simon 26 February 201720:56

I wish Leo had won for Wolf Of Wall Street. Really disliked The Revenant.

Simon 26 February 201720:56

Come on Emma Stone.

Matthew 26 February 201720:57

I really dislike the academy bylaw that stipulates how often Meryl needs to be nominated.

Matthew 26 February 201720:57


Simon 26 February 201720:58

Yay! Much deserved. She was amazing in La La Land.

Matthew 26 February 201720:59

Interesting: Since 2000, 7 Best Actress winners have been in their 20s, including Emma Stone. Only 1 man in his 20s has EVER won Best Actor, Adrien Brody

Matthew 26 February 201720:59

Via: https://twitter.com/kylebuchanan/status/836077804374523904

Matthew 26 February 201720:59

Re: those allegations against Casey Affleck: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/11/22/casey-affleck-s-dark-secret-the-disturbing-allegations-against-the-oscar-hopeful.html

Matthew 26 February 201721:03

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway to present Best Picture.

Simon 26 February 201721:06

Arrival was an amazing movie. Utterly heartbreaking but beautiful.

Simon 26 February 201721:06

But La La Land should win.

Matthew 26 February 201721:08

Hacksaw Ridge, Fences, Arrival, Hell or High Water, Moonlight, Lion, Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, La La Land.

Simon 26 February 201721:08

Come on La La Land

Matthew 26 February 201721:09

Oh Warren Beatty, you card.

Simon 26 February 201721:09


Matthew 26 February 201721:11

La La Land joins classics like The Artist and Crash as Best Picture of the year.

Matthew 26 February 201721:11


Simon 26 February 201721:11


Matthew 26 February 201721:12


Matthew 26 February 201721:13


Simon 26 February 201721:13

Holy shit. Heads are going to roll.

Matthew 26 February 201721:14


Matthew 26 February 201721:15

At least the La La Land people were totally classy about it.

Simon 26 February 201721:15

The person that gave Warren BEatty th wrong envelope is gong to be hung outside the theatre for the next year.

Simon 26 February 201721:16

Jesus, what a mess.

Matthew 26 February 201721:16

well. that was…. something.

Simon 26 February 201721:17

Well, that was the Oscars. What a strange show.

Simon 26 February 201721:18

Jesus, that was almost four hours long.

Simon 26 February 201721:19

Well, thanks for sticking with us. Now go relax while someone in Hollywood gets fired.

Matthew 26 February 201721:19

Well. Moonlight is best picture. That’s something.

Matthew 26 February 201721:22

ALRIGHT THEN. That was an interesting night. Thanks for reading along with us.

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