Review: ‘Poupelle Of Chimney Town’ is a sweet adventure that loses something in translation

Poupelle of Chimneytown

The opening moments of the latest movie from Japan’s Studio 4°C are quite the thing: from the depths of space, a streaking red heart burns through the cosmos and buries itself into a very familiar planet. Landing directly in a landfill dump, it draws scraps of metal and canvas towards itself, gradually forming into something that starts to resemble a man. This striking setup beautifully sets the scene for a charming story of friendship and loss, with only a few hiccups along the way.

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Review: ‘Nine Days’ is a beautiful achievement

Nine Days

This year, it’s a common theme that the films I truly love have been ones I expected to like but –for whatever reason– did not expect to love. Films with high concepts that I did not expect to leave me with tears in my eyes or with a renewed urge to look inward and assess my life and being. Nine Days is the third such film this year. A beautiful achievement from director Edson Oda (in his debut feature, no less), Nine Days treads a unique path to an emotional catharsis that will leave you with a renewed sense of hope.

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Review: Arrested Development Season 4

Arrested Development Cast

It’s finally back. It’s _finally_ back. Arrested Development was cancelled after just three seasons on Fox because despite critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base the series never gained enough rating to justify keeping it on the air (or so Fox said, many are dubious of this).

There have been various efforts to bring the show back through the 7 years since it’s cancellation but finally Netflix bought the rights, brought everyone back and now we have a 4th season. But is it the 4th season we’ve been waiting for? Yes and no.

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