Great Moments Of The Generation: Pressing Split/Second’s Button


The fatness of Split/Second‘s cars perfectly captures the spirit of the game. Bright, colourful and ridiculously wide, they are quick to slam into anything that dares to get in their way,  growling all the time like caffeinated angry tigers. At the risk of actually creating a genre, this is a determinedly Michael Bay racing game full of sparks and popcorn, a plump hog that has eaten the extra American fat and wants to drag you along screaming behind it.

So what does a Michael Bay game absolutely need?


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Episode Five: More Skyrim, The Third Row of Saints, The 8th Generation of Consoles, and Simon Has A Few Drinks

The fifth episode of Awesome Friday is here! Clocking in at 90+ minutes, this week we’re joined by special guest Mark of the VanCity Music Nerd Podcast! We cover Skyrim (again), Saints Row: The Third, The SSX Series, Mobile Operating Systems and Microsoft’s Metro UI, The Next Generation of Consoles, Simon gets slightly drunk, and so much more.

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