Thanks, Back To The Future

In 1992, seven years after Back To The Future came out, I bought a guitar and a skateboard, and it was directly responsible for both. One of those lasted no more than a few weeks, gravity and gravel disrupting my dreams of hitching through Peterfield’s sleepy streets. The other, though, took hold quickly and has been a defining part of who I am ever since.

Marty McFly has a lot to answer for.

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This New Poster for ‘The Walk’ WIll Give You Vertigo

The Walk

The Walk is the story of Philippe Petit and his high wire walk between the towers of the Wold Trade Center back in 1974. YOu may have already seen the excellent documentary on the subject, Man on Wire, and if you haven’t you should. I have no idea if this film will be good but the poster is snazzy and a little freaky so there’s that. Plus, Roebrt Zemeckis has a good track record and so does Joseph Gordon-Leavitt so it’s got that going for it.

The Walk is out 2nd October. I guess we’ll find out then.

(source: Empire).