Xbox One: Microsoft’s Next Generation Revealed

It’s here. After months of speculation and fevered guesswork, Microsoft today unveiled its latest machine poised to take on Sony’s incoming Playstation 4. At a special event in Seattle, journalists from all over the world were packed into a tent to to be shown…well, it’s a cable box that also plays games.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Xbox One.


It’s a giant black box, that’s for sure. The smaller section is actually the new Kinect, and it forms an integral part of the new system. In fact, it’s mandatory, and every part of the One is accessible via custom gestures. Full details after the jump.

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WTF: God of War: Ascension Superbowl Trailer

God of War Ascension

Apparently Sony is spending nearly 4$ million to air this during the Super Bowl. God knows how much they spent to make it. And it’s kind of terrible.

I get what they are going for here but I feel like it’s unnecessary. I don’t need to see the family he lost to understand Kratos or his motivations (and in this case I honestly don’t think we need to. God of War thus far hasn’t exactly been a masterwork of storytelling).

As with most prequel material I think it’s best left up to the imagination, but according to the world I am in the minority in that regard and here we are. What do you guys think?

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