Whiplash Trailer: J.K. Simmons… Uh.. Questionable Teaching Methods

Whiplash / J.K. Simmons

There are few people in this world who can really work with obscenities the way Michelangelo worked with stone or da Vinci with oils. J.K. Simmons is one of those people and it looks like he gets to show us the full range of his talent in the forthcoming _Whiplash_.

Note this trailer is from France so there is some swearing. Put on headphones if you’re at work.

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Review: Jobs


Love him or hate him, Steve Jobs seems like he’d be an interesting guy. A college drop out that rose to the top of the tech world seemingly by uncompromising vision and sheer force of will. He was a perfectionist and quick to temper but by all accounts an inspiring leader and in his lifetime changed a great many things about the way we now think of computers.

There’s a lot of potential for a great movie there. This movie is not that movie though.

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