Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness in 7 Minutes or Less

Star Trek INto Darkness

Er all know how much I really didn’t like Star Trek Into Darkness (most of Star Trek fandom doesn’t, it was recently [ranked worst film in the series by fans at the Vegas Star Trek Convention](http://badassdigest.com/2013/08/11/the-star-trek-movies-as-ranked-by-star-trek-con-goers/).

Well now when people ask me why I can just show them this video! Handy!

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Everything Wrong With Transformers in 7 Minutes of Less


You’re probably aware by now that I love the “[Everything Wrong With…” series of videos by CinemaSins](https://awesomefriday.ca/tag/everything-wrong-with/), and although –as they rightly point out– no movie is without sin I really do feel like they’re at the best when they are picking apart terrible, terrible movies. So here is their take on Transformers.

Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

CinemaSins already [pointed out all the things wrong with Simon’s favourite Christopher Nolan Film](https://awesomefriday.ca/2013/02/awesome-everything-wrong-with-inception/) so it’s only fitting they’d do one of mine.

It’s amazing how many little things you’ll let slide in a well executed film. There are holes you could drive a bus through in The Dark Knight however it was great and The Dark Knight Rises was not so much.

Awesome: Everything Wrong with Inception

Cinema Sins put out another in their series of “everything wrong with” video here, this time on one of Simon’s favouritesL Inception.

As someone who liked inception I gotta say that at while some of this is a stretch, some of it is pretty spot on.