VIFF Review: ‘Babysplitters’ has some great moments but overstays its welcome

Babysplitters / VIFF

Having a baby is an overwhelming life change. Of course, I’m stating the obvious here, but it is the inciting idea behind the plot of Babysplitters, in which two couples who are divided on their intentions to have a child get together and decide that if the four of them have one baby together, then the burden might not be quite so life-changing.

That right there is a pretty great setup for a comedy. There’s plenty of room for hi-jinx as the four people make the decisions that two normally would, as double the normal number of values and undisclosed religious backgrounds and other exiting biases and expectations clash together.

Add a great cast, and you have a hell of a movie. Luckily, this movie has that too, with Danny Pudi (Community) and Emily Chang in the lead roles. Together they enjoy easy and sincere chemistry as a married couple at odds over whether to have a child (she wants one, he’s not so sure). Once they learn that their best friends (Maiara Walsh and Eddie Alfano) are in the same boat (but with the roles switched), the plot and hi-jinx ensue. But also it’s where the film’s problems begin.

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Not Awesome: Knights of Badassdom being Held Hostage?

Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom has had a hell of a go. I first heard about it a couple years back and then nothing. Then a trailer dropped, and then nothing again. Now it seems that one of the production companies CEO has hijacked the project, and that as a result it might not even make it to theatres the way that the director/writer/etc intended. WTF.

The site created by one of the original investors in protest appears to be down but yu can get all the pertinent details from [Badass Digest](

> Two years ago the trailer for Knights of Badassdom, a LARPing comedy directed by Wrong Turn 2 helmer Joe Lynch, killed at Comic Con. The premise is delightful: a group of nerdy LARPers (including Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage, Community’s Danny Pudi and Serenity’s Summer Glau) come upon a real Lovecraftian horror that threatens the world, and they must defeat it. The trailer was simply great.

> And then… nothing.

> Knights of Badassdom just sort of sat around for years. The story behind its delay is ugly and kind of stupid – the production company behind the film, IndieVest, seems to have been run into the ground through terrible and possibly fraudulent business practices, and the owner of that company has stolen the film from Lynch and made his own 70 minute cut.

Disconcerting to say the least. I’m really hoping this all gets resolved because this movie looks kind of amazing. Check the red band trailer here: