Vancouver Just For Laughs Film Festival: ‘Sorry for Your Loss’ Lost Me

Sorry For Your Loss

Movies that don’t evoke a strong reaction are the hardest for me to write about, but they are not the ones I like to write about least. The ones I like to write about the least are the ones I don’t like at all. It sucks to watch something that many people have put a ton of work into and come away knowing that you’re going to have to tell people you can’t recommend seeing that work.

Unfortunately, that is what I have to do right now. Sorry For Your Loss is not a good movie.

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Devil’s Knot Trailer + Poster: Colin Firth Investigates The West Memphis Three

Devil's Knot

In 1993 three young boys went missing and were later found murdered. A short time later three teenagers were arrested and charged for the murders after one of the teens, a kid with an IQ of 72, confessed that they had killed the three boys after twelve hours of interrogation with no parents of lawyers present.

The teens were tried with the prosecution asserting that the killings were part of a satanic ritual and the teens were found guilty despite evidence they may not have been involved and a potential alternate suspect who was not pursued.

This is exactly the type of difficult subject matter that Canadian film maker Atom Egoyan excels at making.

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Star Trek INto Darkness


All joking aside, this is looking good although perhaps a little predictable. Clearly looks like the bad guy gets the better of Kirk due to Kirks arrogance which ends disastrous consequences and then has to fight back from a place of defeat with perhaps these help of his friends and colleagues.

None of this is a bad thing necessarily, that could be an amazing movie. It is well worn material though so we’ll have to see.

Then again, they might be leading me to think that so that they can hit me with something totally different. Either way, seriously, is it 17th May yet????