Nightcrawler Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Sleazy

Jake Gyllenhaal / Nightcrawler

Jake Gyllenhaal as a guy with a high work ethic and low moral standards who, as it turns out, is the perfect guy to be a bottom feeding freelance news gatherer.

Heads up: I watched this trailer and it feels like it gives away a lot towards the end. I think it’s worth watching but it might give up some important details. And the plot.

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Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

This is one of those times that Hollywood confuses me. Here they’ve gone and made a fun, exciting, engaging, and intelligent sci-fi action movie and what little marketing its had has made it seem like something it’s really not: generic.

Yeah, you’re reading this right folks. Edge of Tomorrow is pretty great and you should totally see it.

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Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: Groundhog Day in a Future War Starring Tom Cruise.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow may be a fitting title for a guy who is basically living out a nightmare version of Groundhog Day, waking up after dying in combat only to be forced to relive that combat over and over again. I, hover, preferred the original title All You Need is Kill.

Either way there is a trailer now so let’s take a look.

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2 Guns Trailer Has Properly Incentivized Me

2 Guns

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg starring as an undercover DEA Agent and an underecover special forces soldier who don’t dont know the other is undercover and then get blown and then have to work together to figure out who set them up while bullet fly and things explode in the background of their petty bickering and brotherly fighting?

Where do I sign?

What do you guys think??