Review – Thor 2: The Dark World


The latest edition of Marvel’s assault on cinemas everywhere is a charming little beast. Thor was always going to be one of the more difficult characters to make the transition from inky page to silver screen, (certainly when compared to his Avengers brethren) but given most of the legwork was done in *Thor* and *The Avengers*, very little time is wasted getting on with the plot, such as it is. Rather than *The Dark World*, they should have called it *The Wibbly Wobbly Time/Space Shifting Shenanigans*. Anthony Hopkins knocks out a bit of exposition (primarily to let you know who to boo – it’s evil elves this time, led by Malekith, played by a virtually indistinguishable Christopher Eccleston) and on with the show we go.

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Review: The World’s End


*The World’s End has been released in the UK a full month before North America, so here’s a review from our UK office to get you suitably excited!*

You know that time in your life when you just left school? Do you remember when alcohol was something to be celebrated and experimented with, as were sex, drugs and music? It felt like you could do anything, right? Well Gary King can remember that time all too well, and while the rest of his friends may have moved on to have jobs, wives and families, he finds himself striving for those halcyon days. And so he decides to get his gang back together to undertake a legendary pub crawl in their childhood town. 12 pubs. 12 pints. What could possibly go wrong?

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