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Thanks, Back To The Future

Posted by Simon on October 21, 2015
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In 1992, seven years after Back To The Future came out, I bought a guitar and a skateboard, and it was directly responsible for both. One of those lasted no more than a few weeks, gravity and gravel disrupting my dreams of hitching through Peterfield’s sleepy streets. The other, though, took hold quickly and has been a defining part of who I am ever since.

Marty McFly has a lot to answer for.

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Awesome: Seth McFarlane Posts Behind The Scenes Photo from “A Million Ways To Die In The West” Which Totally Contains Spoilers

Posted by Matthew on May 23, 2014
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A Million Ways To Die In The West

It’s an awesome photo but it totally spoils some things. Apparently it’s been spoiled in some places anyway but still, if you want to go in blind (and I recommend you do) then don’t keep reading this post. I mean, McFarlane himself tweeted it, but still. Stop reading if you haven’t seen it.

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