FXX – You’re the Worst.

Chris Geere & Aya Cash in episode one of FX's new comedy series You're The Worst.
Chris Geere & Aya Cash in episode one of FX’s new comedy series You’re The Worst.

In 2011 the FX network launched in Canada.  Finally we were brought amazing shows like Sons of Anarchy and Wilfred.  Sure, they broadcast a few seasons off because current season rights are with others like Super Channel.  And of course shows that started prior to 2011 that had deals with other networks (Justified, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) aren’t on it.  But it was a start.

Which is fantastic because FX has had some of the most genius and underrated shows around.  Would any other network have a show about a stoner lawyer who almost kills himself in the pilot only to meet his neighbour’s dog.  That is a dog to everyone else, and a human in a dog costume (with an Australian accent) to him.  That show, if you haven’t seen it, is Wilfred.  It’s dark.  And a surreal masterpiece of comedy.

FX takes risks.  It lets shows go into deep dark places.  The collective of people who tell stories on FX are artists, a word seldom used when talking about television. Continue reading “FXX – You’re the Worst.”