World War Z’s Original, Better Ending

World War Z

If you read [my review of World War Z]( you know that the story makes sense but that there are some confusing things about it. A lot of that is due to large portions of the film being rewritten and reshot, including the entire third act.

[ has posted a synopsis of the original ending]( which I feel would have been better, but it’s so freaking bleak I’m not surprised that it got changed.

Major spoilers to follow, so if you haven’t seen the movie and you want to see the movie maybe stop reading here.

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Not Awesome: World War Z Superbowl Spot


Most of the Superbowl Ads will be going up, you know, during the Superbowl but for some reason the new 30 second spot for World War Z went up yesterday. So lets take a look.

You know when I first heard about this movie I was excited but the more I see the more I get the feeling it’s going to suck. I kind of dig that he running zombies act like a massive insect colony might, but at the same time they don’t look very good. Hopefully that’s just unfinished CG.

The trailer itself doesn’t really tell us anything more than we already know. In fact there’s only one new shot in here that I can see and it doesn’t add anything whatsoever. You’d think with a Superbowl ad, potentially seen by all of the people, they’d want to tease a little more and get us more interested. That they haven’t isn’t exactly reassuring.

The jury will be out on this one until I see it, but so far I’m not holding out much hope.