Review: Divergent


There’s a fine line that adaptations of novels have to walk. Leave too much in and you risk your movie becoming plodding and boring. take too much out and you risk dumbing down or losing a theme or moment or sub plot integral to that story. Nowhere is this more clear than with Young Adult novels. Because they are generally fairly easy to follow in the first place the smallest choice a director makes can have drastic consequences for the movie you are making.

Case in point, Divergent is a movie that I am sure is based on a good book that discusses and explores interesting themes, but the movie itself glosses over all of this to tell a pretty by the numbers story about a girl in a not-that-dystopian future.

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Divergent Trailer + Poster + Character Posters: Still Not Sure If I Should Care


Young Adult fiction seems like it must be pretty hard to adapt. Harry Potter made all the money, as did Twilight, and it looks like The Hunger Games will too, but most other young adult novels tend to, well, underwhelm.

Divergent is the next franchise to make a run at it, and here’s a proper trailer, theatrical poster, and character posters. Fun!

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