Ten More From 2015 You Should Totally See

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2015 was a good year! I already told you my ten favourite films from 2015, but those ten were hard to choose. My first pass over the list of movies I saw resulted in 25 candidates for the top ten, 15 of which were ultimately cut. So rather than make a worst-of list as I have in previous years (Pixels was the worst film of last year, no need to mention any others), I’d tell you about ten more you should see. So let’s do that.

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VIFF Review: The Lobster

The Lobster takes place in a world where if you are single for too long, you are turned into an animal, and if you really want to be single, you have to go live in the woods. It sounds weird, and it is, but it’s also a hilarious commentary on our world and relationships and how we sometimes get what’s important wrong. Yes, it’s a bizarre movie, but the best kind of science fiction often is.

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