Not Awesome: Steve Carell’s North Korea Movie ‘Pyongyang’ Cancelled

Steve Carell

In a continuing bullshit theme The Wrap is reporting that the planned Gore Verbinski directed Steve Carell starring North Korea set film ‘Pyongyang’ has been shelved in the wake of the Sony hack, and the hacks at Sony cancelling the release of The Interview.

The film was set to begin filming in March and concerned a year in the life of a westerner as he lives in the North Korean capital. It was meant to be a “paranoid thriller” but I guess we’re so afraid of North Korea now that that’s not allowed, and the setting of this film couldn’t even have been changed.

What the fuck.

Gore Verbinski and Steve Carrell Teaming For A Thriller


Steve Carell is clearly trying to break out of the comedy pigeonhole and in case you haven’t heard his first effort, Foxcatcher, is really, really good. Now he’s teaming up with Gore Verbinski for a thriller to be produced by New Regency.

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VIFF Review: Foxcatcher

Bennett Miller has a pretty good track record. His last two films, _Capote_ and _Moneyball_, were both nominated for best picture, for both he was nominated for best director, and for both his main actors were nominated for acting awards. It looks like he’s going to keep the streak alive with _Foxcatcher_, which is a superbly directed, superbly acted, superbly compelling film.

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Foxcatcher Trailer: Another Contender In The Oscar Race


An established comedic star in heavy makeup for a dramatic turn alongside an up and coming star and a critically loved character actor in film based on a true story of recent American sports history directed by a guy who has only made 4 films in 16 years and gained Oscar nominations for two of them? Of course this is an Oscar contender.

To answer your question: Yes that is Steve Carellin heavy makeup being creepy as all hell. There’s not much to go on by Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo look good and Director Bennett Miller has only made Capote and Moneyball since 2005 soooooo this is one to watch.

14th November this will be in theatres. Make your plans now. Or not.

When Olympic Gold Medal winning wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) is invited by wealthy heir John du Pont (Steve Carell) to move on to the du Pont estate and help form a team to train for the 1988 Seoul Olympics at his new state-of-the-art training facility, Schultz jumps at the opportunity, hoping to focus on his training and finally step out of the shadow of his revered brother, Dave (Mark Ruffalo). Driven by hidden needs, du Pont sees backing Schultz’s bid for Gold and the chance to “coach” a world-class wrestling team as an opportunity to gain the elusive respect of his peers and, more importantly, his disapproving mother (Vanessa Redgrave).

Flattered by the attention and entranced by du Pont’s majestic world, Mark comes to see his benefactor as a father figure and grows increasingly dependent on him for approval. Though initially supportive, du Pont’s mercurial personality turns and he begins to lure Mark into an unhealthy lifestyle that threatens to undermine his training.

Hilarious Anchorman 2 Gag Reel is Hilarious

Anchorman 2

There was so much material left on the floor during the editing of Anchorman 2 that they have actually released a second version of the movie with basically every joke replaced with an alternate take. Also, a boat load of bloopers, some of which can be seen here. Let’s watch!

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Review: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman 2

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was released in 2004 and, very generally, people I know tend to either love it or hate it. I fell pretty squarely in the “love it camp but in reflection I could have easily gone the other way. You see Anchorman was originally going to have a lot more going on. In fact there were so many different takes and removed sub plots that they were eventually assembled into a whole other film titled “Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie“.

Most of Wake Up isn’t good and it’s easy to see why none of it was included in Anchorman.

I am telling you all of this because I really feel like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues could really have done with a bunch of stuff cut out.

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The Way, Way Back Trailer


This movie looks pretty by the numbers but it has a couple of very important things going for it. Sam Rockwell is one of those things as he’s very generally amazing. Steve Carell, Tony Colette, Alison Janney, and Rob Corddry are another as that’s a pretty stellar supporting cast. I haven’t seen Liam James in much but this could be a good start for him.

The best thing about this though is that it’s written by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon who previously won an Oscar for penning The Descendants

Yeah, it seems like a pretty standard coming of age movie but given the people involved I’ll likely see it.

Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is more just The Pretty OK Burt Wonderstone

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

I’d like to preface this by saying that I went into this movie with incredibly low expectations. I think that might be why I had an OK time watching it. But that’s the problem really, is that it’s never more than just an OK time.

The structural problem here is that when it comes to the plot there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before, and when it comes to the magic it’s nowhere near as inventive as I imagine it could have been.

What do I mean? Well have you seen that movie where the main character as a kid was bullied and then found a way (in this case magic) to overcome his awkwardness and then grows up into a total douchebag, then loses everything and has to learn how to be a nice guy again to regain everything and be better off than before? Also, the only girl who has ever rejected him and endures YEARS of his being a total ass and then starts to forgive him at the first sign of him not being such a dick? Also also, he has a falling out with his best friend and partner over his inability to change but eventually reconciles once he’s learned to be a good person again while they’ve spent time apart?

I could go on, but I don’t have to, literally every character arc in this movie is something you’ve seen before and none of it is particularly well executed, which is a shame when you consider the list of amazing actors they’ve assembled.

Steve Carell is as good as he’s ever been at selling his deadpan reactions to the ridiculous but his character is all over the map, both a scheming evil genius asshole and an idiot AND just a normal nice guy, and the film can’t seem to decide which it wants him to start out as or grow into.

Steve BUscemi is the best friend and the film just wastes him. He’s basically Donny from The Big Lebowski again, the character everyone just abuses without thinking.

Olivia Wilde is the girl, and she’s great. By far the most engaging and relatable but her story arc is also by far the most predictable and in the end she’s really just around to let us know that Steve Carell’s character arc is over. Which she does by sleeping with him. I would have warned you thats a spoiler but you’ve seen this movie before so it isn’t.

Alan Arkin also shines, as per usual, as the aging magician who originally inspired the main character and then also coincidentally shows up to help reignite his passion. Again, he’s great, but it’s just so damn predictable.

Jim Carry is the bad guy, a Criss Angel type douchebag with hints of David Blaine’s endurance tests and self harm thrown in. I suppose it’s something that I really did hate his character, that’s the point of an antagonist after all, but I also can’t remember laughing at much of what he did. One gag in the middle and his big final trick and that’s really it.

And then there’s the magic itself which you’d think they’d use to great comic effect but they just…. don’t. They try a few times but it always seems so forced and obvious that it falls flat and the one time they really go behind the scenes of a trick it’s the intricacies of the big comeback trick and it’s during the credits and while it was genuinely funny it also completely undercuts the ending.

I feel like this is a movie that might have been hampered by it’s rating. If it had been R rated they might have been able to actually explain the dichotomy of smart and stupid that Burt Wonderstone is with something like alcoholism and had it make sense, they might also have been able to go behind the scenes and show some of the nitty gritty of the business, but none of that happens.

Instead we’re left with a kinda funny movie instead of the hilarious romp that it could have been.

Rating: 3/10