Awesome New ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Posters are Awesome

Star Wars: Rebels

There are most likely millions of Star Wars fans out there that cannot wait for the shiny new films to begin next year but, for one, am actually more looking forward to this fall then the new _Star Wars: Rebels_ series begins. The series takes place between _The Revenge of the Sith_ and _A New Hope_ as the Empire expands and builds their power base, and moves away from clone troopers to recruited soldiers.

Animated Star Wars shows these days may be kids shows but they still explore parts of the story that I like to see and honestly, they’ve had much better storytelling and characterizations than anything since the original trilogy. Hopefully that changes next year but only time will tell.

Anyway, today we get six awesome new retro styled Empire recruiting posters for the new series. Check them out.

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