Winning The Clone War: Saint’s Row 4 vs Grand Theft Auto 5



This is a word you’ll use generously throughout your first journey into *Grand Theft Auto 5*, Rockstar’s latest and staggeringly expansive new virtual playground. *Wow* at the graphics; there has clearly been some voodoo magic employed in making hardware that’s moments away from being superceded maintain a world like this without loading screens. *Wow* at the acting; Rockstar’s Hollywood aspirations have never been clearer with a gritty crime saga split across three interwoven protagonists. *Wow* at the construction; the opening tutorial alone is probably the most perfect way to combine instruction with action. *Wow* at the design; the attention to detail is so granular that every street corner, every block, has real character and architecture and story. *Wow* at the animations; just run for cover into a car and watch in awe as the Police bullets shatter the vehicle piece by piece. I could go on; if your gaming preferences revolve around pure spectacle, this could be the best thing that’s ever happened.

The most prevalent *Wow*s, for me anyway, were the *Wow*s concerning the game’s content and narrative structure. These two *Wow*s rise out of Los Santos like glimmering skyscrapers: *Wow*, this is a mature game. And,*Wow*, why is he doing that?

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