Review: Riddick


Apologies for the tardiness of this, I’m on holiday again.

You know it’s been 13 years since Pitch Black hit theatre screens. Not an amazing movie by any measure, but entertaining enough that it made a bunch of money and put Vin Diesel on the map.

In the movie a transport ship crashes and the few survivors have to deal with Richard B. Riddick (Diesel), a sociopathic mercenary who happens to have night vision being transported in said ship but then it turns out that the planet is infested with monsters that only survive in the dark and that there is an eclipse coming, so they have to work with Riddick to survive. Talk about shitty contrived luck.

Both of these facts lead to a sequel in 2004 in which Riddick turns out to be the prophesied hero who will stop an army of dead guys who are killing their way across…. you know what? I’m not even going to finish that because it doesn’t matter. Chronicles or Riddick wasn’t that good, and this new movie basically doesn’t pay any attention to it. In fact this movie is pretty much literally just Pitch Black 2. Or maybe Pitch Black Again.

Is that such a bad thing? Well…. yes and no.

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Awesome: Riddick Red Band Trailer


Say what you will about The Chronicles of Riddick but Pitch Black is a great film. Sure, the acting is questionable but it’s a solid premise and it’s a well executed story. Riddick looks like it’s trying to recapture that magic. At ComicCon this week a new red band trailer was debuted so let’s take a look at that.

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