Podcast: Spiderhead & Cha Cha Real Smooth

Spiderhead & Cha Cha Real Smooth

Greetings programs and welcome to this week’s episode of the Awesome Friday Podcast. Simon is back after his week off and we are talking about two new streaming releases. First up is the new Netflix Sci-Fi thriller Spiderhead, starring Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett. Following that we have Sundance darling Cha Cha Real Smooth, the sophomore effort from writer, director, and star Cooper Raiff and co-starring Dakota Johnson, now released on AppleTV+.

There are streaming links powered by JustWatch a little further down this page, and the episode should be live wherever you listen to podcasts (including on this page) now.

Join us!

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Review: ‘Little Fish’ is a new twist on a familiar heartbreak

Little Fish

Imagine that you have met the love of your life. You have an adorable meet-cute, you share a magical first date, and you connect on a profoundly deep level. Now, imagine that your memories of this relationship are slowly dripping away. This is the story of Little Fish, a love story set in the midst of a global pandemic that causes memory loss and one that will break and fill your heart in equal measure.

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Review: ‘Army of the Dead’ is dumb, fun, and Zack Snyder’s best movie in years


Zack Snyder has been making comic movies almost exclusively for the last 15 years, starting with 300 and most recently with this year’s release of his extended cut of Justice League. That’s not a complaint, but it is interesting to me that he has come back to zombies after having finished that run, the genre that started his career.

It is my opinion that his remake of Dawn of the Dead, penned by James Gunn and released in 2004 as his first feature, is my favourite of Snyder’s films. His return to the genre is a proposition that I found exciting, and while it’s not a perfect movie by any stretch, Army of the Dead is his best movie in ages.

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