Fly Through Every WipEout Track In Your Browser



The first WipEout was solely responsible for elevating Sony’s first PlayStation from potentially being just another kiddy toy to a genuinely cool piece of kit. The pulsing soundtrack and revolutionary 3D courses marked the start of many¬†lifelong gaming obsessions, curves and accelerator twitches quickly etching into happy minds.

If any of this is giving you an excited glow, then Dominic¬†Szablewski is your new best friend. Diving into the source files (which he’s documented here), he’s put each of the original’s tracks into a format that allows you to experience them in your browser. To sweeten the deal, you can even view the ships and logos designed by The Designers Republic, and play the soundtrack underneath.

This might actually qualify as The Best Thing Ever. Relive those glory days here.

Simon’s Best Games And Movies Of The Year


It’s time to interrupt the endless barrage of Christmas calories

that I seem intent on shoving down my throat as quickly as possible

seriously, it’s like Gluttony Man in Se7en

but I don’t have my body tied down,

my arms are wilfully ladling anything alcoholic or sweet or tasty into my mouth

like it’s going out of fashion

to round up what I think have been my personal favourite games and movies of 2013.

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Podcast Episode Forty Two: Die Hard, Cloud Atlas, PlayStation 4

Awesome Froday1

We’re finally back! It’s been weeks since we have been ab;e to get together and record for you guys so we cover quite a bit in this episode. Die Hard 5, Cloud Atlas, the PlayStation 4 announcement, and a host of other topics. Get comfy folks, this is Awesome Friday!

As always we’d love your feedback so either shoot us an email, get ahold of us on twitter @posterboy81 for Matt and @manbiteswonders for Simon or just leave a comment below.

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