Podcast: Parallel Mothers & The 94th Oscar Nominations

Parallel Mothers & The Oscars

Greetings program, and welcome to another Awesome Friday! This week is a little different; we’re covering the latest film from Pedro Amaldóvar, Parallel Mothers, which, as it turns out, is an excellent segue into our second topic: the recently announced nominations for the 94th Academy Awards. This episode runs a little longer than our average, but we think it’s worth it!

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VIFF Review: ‘Pain and Glory’ is Amaldóvar’s most deeply personal film

Pain & Glory / VIFF 2019

Antonio Banderas and Pedro Amaldóvar are two of Spain’s biggest film exports and have worked together numerous times. It fits then that in Pain & Glory, the story of an ageing filmmaker in a creative rut who needs to address some unresolved issues from his past, Banderas is basically playing Amaldóvar.

He’s not, of course. Not exactly. Banderas is Salvador Mallo, a respected director who was a maverick in his youth and who has settled into more soulful work in his later years who is suffering from debilitating pain and illness. So he’s basically Amaldóvar in this semi-autobiographical film. He’s also transcendently good in the role.

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