Awesome: Only God Forgives Character Posters

Only God Forgives

Apparently it’s Poster Day here at Awesome Friday.

One of the films we’re maybe most looking forward to this summer is Only God Forgives which sees Ryan Gosling reunite with Nicholas Winding Refn for a story of vengeance in Thailand. Here are posters for each of the three main characters, [thanks to TwitchFilm](

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Two New Trailers for Only God Forgives Make Kristin Scott Thomas Look Scary

Only God Forgives

There are two new trailers for Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming Only God Forgives. Both of them are international, both of them are NSFW due to language and violence and nakedness, both of them tell us a little more plot and both of them make Kristin Scott Thomas looks _fucking scary_.

Watch after the jump!

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Only God Forgives Trailer is Awesome

Only God Forgives

If you’ve ever paid attention to us you know that [Drive]( was our favourite film of 2011. Director Nicholas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling have re-teamed for Only God Forgives, a movie set in Thailand about a fight.

Holy moly does this look like it might be amazing. Refn is great at creating a certain mood in his films and Gosling is a hell of an actor, throw in a little Kristen Scott Thomas and this looks like it might be one of the years best.

For some reason this isn’t on my [most anticipated list]( even though I totally knew it was coming out this year. WTF is wrong with me? Consider it added to the list.