Fantasia Review: ‘The Reckoning’ is a disappointment

The Reckoning (Large)

There might not be another movie with so timely a premise: a witch hunt during a plague. In these times of our society starting to actually address how we treat women and also, you know, a plague, The Reckoning has a lot going for it right out of the gate.

Add to this writer and director Neil Marshall, a man who has a history of putting out high-grade b-movies that I tend to love and suddenly you have a compelling sales pitch for a film

I’m pointing all of this out because The Reckoning is a stunning example of a film that has everything going for it but then fails to capitalize on any of it.

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Trailers For As Above, So Below And The Pyramid Trap Us In Our Nightmares


A few trailers for your enjoyment this morning, both of which seem to echo the protagonists-trapped-underground-with-terrible-ancient-evil scenario so beautifully captured in Neil Marshall’s The Descent (pictured above). Come and watch.

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