VIFF Review: ‘Ford v Ferrari’ offers compelling drama and thrilling​ races

Ford v Ferrari / VIFF 2019

Ford v Ferrari is a lot of things: a showcase for two of our great actors, one of the best car racing movies ever made, a compelling drama. At its core, though, it’s a story of two men completely dedicated to what they do and doing it despite the system they work in and the company they work for, always asking them to make concessions.

Make no mistake, Ford v Ferrari is an underdog story, but Ford isn’t the underdog, and Ferrari isn’t the villain. Instead, the underdogs are Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, toiling away at making the best car in the world while their bosses are telling them to make the best Ford.

There’s a metaphor for filmmaking in there, somewhere.

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Awesome New ‘Interstellar’ TV Trailer Is Awesome


WE still don’t 100% know what Christopher Nolan’s _Interstellar_ is really about (saving the world?) and this trailer doesn’t feature much in the way of new footage but on the other hand all the footage is amazing and you get to hear Michael Caine read _Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night_ so just watch it already because that’s awesome.

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The Monuments Men Trailer: George Clooney Saves History

Monuments Men

During World War II Europe was devastated and much of its history was in danger of being lost, destroyed at the hands of the Nazis. The Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Program was an allied effort to save culturally important items before the Nazis could do that. George Clooney has directed a movie about that effort which looks pretty good. Let’s watch the trailer!

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Review: Elysium


Neill Blompkamp burst on the scene a few years back with District 9, a movie fresh new SciFi action film concerning a group of displaced aliens living in a massive ghetto in Johannesburg South Africa. The film was born out of Blompkamp and Peter Jackson’s attempts to put together a _Halo_ movie and when that fell apart those resources when to expanding Blompkamp’s short film _Alive in Joburg_ into a full fledged movie. The result was a fantastic film with an original approach, story, characters and clear allegory to social and political issues facing us today. I’m not going to spoil it, just go watch it.

I mention this because the follow up, _Elysium_, is another SciFi action film with an interesting and unique approach and some clear allegories to social and political issues of our time. So how does it stack up? Not bad, actually.

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Review: Behind the Candelabra

Behind The Candelabra

It’s a little strange to me that Behind the Candelabra came out on HBO rather than in theatres. It’s a little strange to me that none of the studios in North America have picked the movie up for distribution. It’s a little strange to me that after all the progress we’ve made in the world the story of Liberace is still too gay for America, even though there’s nothing much there that you haven’t already seen in Brokeback Mountain and others.

It’s a shame too because Behind the Candelabra is a great movie, and this way you might not get a chance to see it.

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