Episodes Twenty Nine and Thirty: Continuum, Witcher Two, Wrath of the Titans, Ted, The Amazing Spider-Man

Good news everyone! This week you’re getting a double dose of awesomeness! Episode 29 made it to iTunes but didn’t publish on this site due to a glitch, and in the mean time we recorded our thirtieth episode! So here’s both for your listening pleasure!

Be warned that both of these episodes do contain spoilers for some of the things we talk about but we do make a great effort to warn you before we start with the spoilers.

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In episode twenty nine we discuss an awesome new Canadian TV series called Continuum and the movies Wrath of the Titans and TED.

In episode thirty we are joined by our good friend New York Matt and we discuss Lockout (again), The Witcher 2 and The Amazing Spiderman.

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