Blood in the Snow Review: ‘Bloodthirsty’ is a slow burn with a bloody payoff


Most of us claim that we are tired of computer-generated effects. We’re tired of fake blood spurts and CGI animals and all of it. If you’ve found yourself thinking this lately then Bloodthirsty, the new werewolf movie from Amelia Moses might be for you.

Following young pop star Grey (Lauren Beatty) whose hunger for success as she struggles to make her second album comes in parallel with a very different kind of hunger. All her life, she has been hallucinating that she is turning into an animal, that she wants to stalk and eat animals raw and bloody in the woods. These nightmares keep her up at night despite the best efforts of her doctor (Michael Ironside, in a small but fun cameo) to medicate them away.

When she heads to the remote home of reclusive music producer Vaughn (Greg Bryk) with her girlfriend Charlie (Katharine King So), that idea that these impulses are simply the product of a troubled mind is thrown sharply into doubt.

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