Sony Cancels Release of ‘The Interview’ Following Threats From North Korean Terrorists

The Interview

In a move that can only be described as _total bullshit_ Sony has cancelled the release of the forthcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco starring film _The Interview_.

We haven’t been posting much lately so here’s a quick recap.

A few weeks ago Sony Pictures was hacked. Hackers shut down the studios website and started disseminating information around the web regarding the studios plans for future franchises, financial information including executive salaries and such, employee social security numbers, and all kinds of stuff. The group responsible claimed this was all due to the forthcoming release of _The Interview_. North Korea has denied any involvement in this despite being pretty much the only ones who would care about a movie about an attempted assassination of their dear leader but now we know that [they were in fact “centrally involved”](

A few days ago the hackers upped the ante, threatening actual terror attacks at theatres showing the film. Or at least they say they are the same hackers, it isn’t clear that they are. What is clear is that there’s no credible threat here. Here’s [an expert speaking to ABC News](

> “Somebody is playing mind games with [SONY],” said Richard Clarke, cyber security expert and former White House counter-terrorism advisor. “I think North Korea has little or no capability to do any physical attacks, commando activity, or terrorism in the U.S. By saying it’s coming, however, they hope to keep people from the theaters and, thereby, hurt Sony’s revenue.”

> Matt Olsen, former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and like Clarke an ABC News consultant, said the threat sounded more like “hooliganism” than anything really serious.

Sony then left the decision up to the theatre chains as to whether they want to show the film. Pretty much immediately most of them announced they would cancel, or at least delay, the release of the film. Disappointingly this included Canada’s Cineplex:

After losing most of the films screens Sony outright cancelled the release. Here’s their statement:

> In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release. We respect and understand our partners’ decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers.

> Sony Pictures has been the victim of an unprecedented criminal assault against our employees, our customers, and our business. Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like. We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public. We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.

The whole situation is bullshit. The theatre chains of North America and Sony Pictures have just told all the hackers and terrorists in the world that they’ll cave in the face of basically no real threat.

I have to wonder who is making the decisions here. Is it lawyers who are worried that if something didd happen the studios/theatre chains would be held responsible? Or do the hackers have something they’re holding over everyone’s head? Or did they really just not realize what kind of movie they were getting when they funded _The Interview_ and now have an excuse not to release it? Or (most likely) are the theatres just afraid that people won’t come to see other films on that day if _The Interview_ is playing?

No matter what it is the answer is not to cancel the release. The answer is the release the film, call the bluff. Don’t let bullies dictate what you do or don’t do. Don’t let the bad guys win because it will only embolden them for next time. In the meantime both the credibility of all five theatre chains and Sony Pictures have been damaged, along with the notion of free speech in Hollywood.

Homefront Trailer: Jason Statham vs. James Franco As Written By Sylvester Stallone.


Jason Statham makes a certain type of movie usually. The one where he’s a hero and fights against a total douchebag bad guy and wins the day. That’s what Homefront appears to be, and in this case the douchebag meth dealing bad guy is James Franco and the movie was written by Sylvester Stallone. This one is gonna be special.

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Review: This Is The End

This Is The End

It’s strange to think that _This Is The End_ is the funniest movie of the year so far. At first glance it looks like a vanity project where Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg just wanted to work with all their friends and then setting that idea against the biblical end of the world. It really feels like it shouldn’t work at all but you know what? It really really does.

To put it succinctly: I haven’t laughed that hard all year.

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Review: Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers might be the smartest movie I see all year based on one fact: It’s managed to advertise itself dubstep and drug fueled sex romp for four girls but it’s actually a highly intelligent movie highlighting the emptyness and malaise felt by the current Gen Y crowd.

Yeah, I said it, Spring Breakers is really good and you should watch it.

The basic premise is this: four college girls played by Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine (Director Harmony Korine’s wife) want to go to spring break but have no money despite saving all year. All of them are desperate to go, and two of them stage a robbery of a local restaraunt to get the necessary funds.

They then head down to florida for spring break and indulge in all the dubstep and drug fueled debauchery you can imagine without the film being X-rated before getting busted for posession and subsequently bailed out by Alien, the wannabe rapper and drug dealer played by James Franco, who then invites them to roll with him and his crew. Alien though is ankle deep in the criminal world of Florida and things get pretty real pretty quick.

At least three of the four girls are playing against type here, being current or former Disney pricesses, but that serves to highlight just about everything they do and make it, conciously or not (and whether you’ve seen their work or not) all the more shocking, especially Hudgens and Benson as the two bad girls of the group (Korine is the deluded one and Gomez is the good girl). All of this plays out semi-linearly, jumping back and forth around the immediate action.

James Franco is enough reason to see this film though. I know a lot of people who hate him, but every once in a while he bats one right outta the park and this is one of those times. He disappears right into Alien and it’s almost surprising he made it back out.

What makes his performance great is that you come to realize that Alien seems to undertand not only that hes a Svengali type character, but also that he’s kind of useless at it. There’s a weird sincerity about his character who is trying so hard but is ultimately still just a really highly functioning poser. He wants the thug life but doesn’t actually seem to want to be a thug, and later in the film when he says he’s falling in love with the girls it’s totally sincere.

This is one of those movies that looks like it’s going to be stupid but then turns out to be great, that has managed to marketed as one thing but is actually quite another. It manages to present what’s going on without necessarily praising or celebrating it which is hard to pull offl. It’s sharp and intelligent and gorgeous to watch. Fair warning though, this is a movie that you are going to either love or hate, I can’t see any middle ground but that’s kind of the point. Either way, I can’t recommend anything other than that you watch it.

So go watch it already.

This Is the End Red Band Trailer

This Is The End

You know, I had an inkling this would be a funny movie but it looks like it might be balls out hilarious. Or stupid. Or both.


Holy shit, the number of cameos in this is going to be ridiculous. I can’t wait.

Trailer: Oz the Great and Powerful Super Bowl Spot

Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powrful get the Superbowl Trailer treatment.

I honestly don’t have a lot to say here. There’s not a lot of new footage and there’s only one shot of the wicked witch and you don’t even see her face.

I can’t put my finger on it, I just can’t seem to get excited about it.

What do you guys think?