2013 Hugo Award Winners List

Hugo Awards

This years Hugo Awards were presented last night at LoneStarCon 2013. Big winners include Game of Thrones and The Avengers in the Drama short form and Long form categories.

The Avengers was up against The Hunger Games, THe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Looper, and The Cabin in the Woods. The former two of those are films that make the list because they are such big adaptations, however the latter two are both legitimately good films. It would have been nice to see Looper take it home but it’s plot inconsistencies are a bit much for some people. From a purely structural standpoint The Avengers is clearly the best here, if not the most affecting and/or deep.

Game of Thrones had a much easier time though, pitting the fantastic season 2 episode Blackwater against an episode of Fringe and three different episodes of Doctor Who. I haven’t seen the episode of Fringe, but the whole season of Doctor Who in question wasn’t as amazing as many would have you believe so this was pretty much Game of Thrones category to lose.

There are Hugos for a great deal more categories, you can see them all after the jump, and despite having a relatively low profile in the main stream they are one of the most prestigious awards for science fiction and fantasy. I don’t expect to see them have the same pomp and circumstance as the Oscars any time soon, but hey, a boy can dream for “within my lifetime” right?

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