Spec Ops: The Line Review



Some would argue – with very good reason – that Playstation Plus is the best thing to happen to this generation of consoles. The subscription service, initially derided as a blatant move to mirror Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold and capitalise on the money Sony misses out on by offering free online multiplayer, eventually found its own identity as a wonderful way to build a game collection. Every month, as Xbox merely provides an open doorway to online interaction, Sony fills the Instant Game Collection with full titles free to download and keep for as long as the subscription remains active. The selection is varied and generous, leading to many remaining dormant on hard drives while more modern games assert their own importance. This was definitely true for my relationship with *Spec Ops: The Line*, a game I’d been itching to try since release but never actually found the time to play. However, upon finishing the game last night, I felt I should use this review primarily as a wake-up call to anyone else who might have it sat unplayed as I did: next time you need something new, start it up. For, while its ambitions don’t always overcome its distractions, *Spec Ops: The Line* is especial in its one defining quality – it’s a robust military shooter that dares to tell a story. It insists on it, actually, and the resulting experience is refreshing, albeit mainly memorable for the brutality that is played out.

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