Awesome: ‘Gone Girl’ Effects Reel

Gone Girl

Yesterday I posted an effects reel from _Captain America: The Winter Soldier_ which highlighted, for me anyway, just how much of that movie wasn’t real. Not that it was a surprise or anything though, that movie features flying aircraft carriers. Here’s another effects reel that highlights just how many effects can be going on in shots where there don’t appear to be any at all which is far more impressive if you ask me.

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Gone Girl – Veni, Vidi, Vindictis

df-04280-04333-comp-gallery-imageThe most surefire way to make me tune out a book’s pitch is to include the words “marriage” or “mother”.  Which is partially why I never bothered picking up Gone Girl, the novel by Gillian Flynn released in 2012.  The other is that almost as soon as I became aware of the book I found out it would be adapted for the screen starring Ben Affleck and directed by David Fincher.  Fincher has been one of my favourite directors since Se7en (1995) so I knew I would be seeing the movie.  Over the past five years I’ve made a concerted effort to go into the movies by my favourite filmmakers knowing as little as possible about them.  I cut myself off at one trailer, if that, and never listen to any interviews.  It can be really difficult, especially for a project like this that was a book for 2 years before the movie was released and many people feel that spoilers are fair game.

But I made it.  I waited all the way until the second day of opening weekend and the only thing I knew going into it was that Ben Affleck shows his penis.

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