Scene Stealers – 12 Television Actors You Need To Know

8bcb622d7827b9d2f436d20320b6We are living in an era of great ensemble television.  As viewers we are being spoiled not only with their work on screen but with cast interaction on social media platforms like twitter.  It has the effect of making you feel included in their TV family, and as a result you the viewer feels a sense of loyalty to them.  Shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grimm & Revenge have been excellent at this.  Though nothing could rival the social media power of CW stars, a class on which should be taught at the LaineyGossip Faculty of Celebrity Studies.  The best part for me is getting to hear from the cast members who aren’t necessarily the face of the show.  The actors who go to work every day and do a great job even though they don’t always have their own storyline.  The ones who aren’t going to be promoting it on talk shows.  The ones whose names you may not have heard.

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Devil’s Knot Trailer + Poster: Colin Firth Investigates The West Memphis Three

Devil's Knot

In 1993 three young boys went missing and were later found murdered. A short time later three teenagers were arrested and charged for the murders after one of the teens, a kid with an IQ of 72, confessed that they had killed the three boys after twelve hours of interrogation with no parents of lawyers present.

The teens were tried with the prosecution asserting that the killings were part of a satanic ritual and the teens were found guilty despite evidence they may not have been involved and a potential alternate suspect who was not pursued.

This is exactly the type of difficult subject matter that Canadian film maker Atom Egoyan excels at making.

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