Awesome: Dan Houser on making a sci-fi Grand Theft Auto

OXM has an interesting story covering an interview with key Rockstar figure Dan Houser about the possibility of making a science-fiction themed _Grand Theft Auto_:

[Science fiction Grand Theft Auto is “very tempting”, says Rockstar boss](

> We will do it the very second we have an idea,” Houser replied, when asked whether the franchise would ultimately transcend the present day. “One of our strengths is the consistency of the game world. We’re not necessarily the best writers in the world, but we how to write a video game.

> When we decided to make a Western, it was because we knew we had something to say,” he went on. “We have no interest in going into science fiction for the sake of flying cars and laser guns. The best science fiction stories are those that speak about the human condition. So while this idea is very tempting and, by definition, anything’s possible in a videogame, we lack the essential thing for the moment: a good reason.

It’s good to know Houser recognises that a good story is at the heart of quality SF instead of just “flying cars and laser guns”. As each GTA seems to get bigger in both scale and ambition, I wonder if the shift into the coming next generation of consoles will finally see this dream realised. A space-based GTA? I’d be there in an instant.

It does, however, beg the question of what is happening with _Prey 2_. The enthusiasm based on the [amazing trailer]( soon fizzled away as it got repeatedly postponed, then troubling stories emerged of the developers being on strike. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappear completely – an open-world space bounty hunter game would certainly get my interest.